8 Brakes & parts

Cantilever brake complete - Black powder/plastic coated Brake 'SUECO' type
Brake set, Phillip type, complete Brake set, Raleigh type, complete

Caliper Brake BMX - Chrome plated
Caliper Brake SLR - Chrome plated/Black Powder Coated
Caliper Brake BMX - Black Powder Coated

Cantilever set of 2 - Plastic coated
Cantilever set of 2 - Powdered coated
Brake Lever Brake Lever

Brake shoes

Brake shoes

Caliper Brake BMX set of 2 (Without cable & wire)Brake shoe: Normal SLR or MTB type.Bolt with normal nut or Done type nut. Suitable   for wheel 20" x 2.125"

Caliper Brake fixation bolt
Rim Brake long bolt, Handle eye bolt
BB Shell bolt, Draw bolt, Cable brake draw bolt

V Brake set of 4,Powder coated V Brake set of 4, plastic coated
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