8 Chainwheel & Cranks

Chainwheel & Crank, Japan Cut available in Chrome or
40Tx5", 44Tx61/2",46Tx7", 48Tx7", 52Tx7"
Chainwheel & Crank French Design Chrome Plated
Chainwheel & Crank, small
Chainwheel & Crank Triple, Plastic Coated, Cotter less
Left Crank 170mm Plastic Coated
Chainwheel & Crank, Double Chrome or Black Powder Finish Available with or without chain guard also available in cotter less type.
38/48 x 170mm, 40/48 x 170mm, 42/52 x 170mm
Chainwheel & Crank (Bent Crank)
32T X 170mm
Triple Chainwheel for One Piece Crank

One piece crank, Chrome Plated - 6"
B.B. Cup Set of 7 for One piece Crank
Cage Bearing for one piece crank - 5/16" x 9 Balls

Chainwheel & Crank Bird Cut Raleigh Type Chrome Plated
44Tx61/2", 46Tx61/2" or 7", 48Tx7"

Chainwheel & Crank Small

Chain wheel & Crank, Small

Chainwheel & Crank 'Phoenix' type
44T x 6"/7", 46T x 6", 63/4" or 7"
48T x 7", 48T x 7"

Chainwheel & Crank cotter less
44T x 150 mm, 46T x 170 mm

Chainwheel & Crank triple, with plastic chain guard
28/38/48 x 170 mm, 24/34/42 x 170 mm

Chainwheel & Crank Triple Index, Altus model, with plastic chain guard.
28/38/48 x 170 mm, 24/34/42 x 170 mm

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